Your Outcomes Are Your Imagination

Innovation of humble black colour Telephone, by legendary Graham Bell, or IPhone by Steve Jobs, nothing happens on its own in this man made world. It’s only outcome of IMAGINATION. Imagination is a skill to be practiced daily, this will give you energy and purpose to live every moment of your life. Every top performer, every ceo, every entrepreneur practices this skill.
Steps to imagination,
No 1 – Don’t associate with Past because imagination is for future and need to be ultimate.
No 2 – Write or think about your life’s top aspirations – Impact in Career, Happy Relationships, Great Health, Your Startup.
No 3 – Every morning after your physical exercise, close your eyes, feel your breath and imagine without inhibition, visualise that imagery, feel those voices, recollect those faces, hear those cheers and clapping, feel that laughter and positivity, keep imagining, go deeper, go intense, just feel that imagination.
This exercise only needs 10 min of your daily schedule. I practice this daily with transformational outcomes in my life, try this to discover power of imagination in you !

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