Your Background Doesn’t Matter

Your Background Doesn’t Matter

At age 20, my first encounter with a Top leader was IG Police at a local event, I got inspired so much that I interviewed that officer for 30 min, this was when I just started to step outside my home/college.

While pursuing MBA, I got opportunity to meet Mr.K Ramachandran, then Phillips India MD, Mr.Homi Khusrokhan, then MD Tata Chemicals. I again got hugely inspired.

In hindsight, I feel I was short in my aspirations, these meetings were great, however coming from small town I never thought that I would make it big in Life, I never thought I can create an impact on world, my aspirations were small of just getting into a great company for job. So i wasted several years in realizing my potential.

It’s only thru 10,000 hours of executive education, 5000 hours with Top leaders, 2000 hours with monks that I discovered myself and started to think of my legacy.

So.:) it’s important to get inspired by meeting Top Leaders, however it’s more important to back yourself, prepare, invest in yourself for your impactful leadership, because no training program teaches that, no one will push you to think of your legacy. It’s only YOU, who can help YOU 🙂