Power of Imagination

Power of Imagination

Whatever you can imagine will become a reality.

When I was young, I wanted to build my Career and I started to imagine, this empowered me to take steps and actions and result I got admission in MBA.

I imagined summer training in Times Of India, Mumbai office and I wrote a letter, however I didn’t get any response. I pursued this by walking into their office in Indore, not just I got a project, I got my first job in Times of India.

My imagination now is complete and profound, after my morning exercises, I sit quietly on a mat, with my eyes close, I observe my breath and I feel my soul, after this I imagine my “Happiness State” where I am having compassionate enjoy some relationship with my near ones, where I working with great energy in my corporate responsibility, I am conducting Transformational Leadership Program across Bharat & World, I am in perfect health, my finances are in order, I am visualizing success for my friends and near ones, my extended entire family is united and holidaying. Now as I open my eyes, I feel empowered and energized and I am ready for the day to work in line with my imagination.

Imagination is empowered Life.