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Who is now host, storyteller and entreprenuer. Since discovering himself in 2015, Amit’s Be Alive In The Moment have garnered over 10 million views on social media and 50 thousand followers. This makes him one of the most sought after speaker


Most working professionals stumble along in their careers without uncovering their true potential, passions and their purpose in life. Here’s the story of how I discovered my life’s mission, if this inspires you to seek yours – go forth and discover yours. And if you need help in your journey; feel free to reach out to me.


Growing up in Gwalior, I was an average student through school. And like every regular student, I walked along the beaten path and signed up for an MBA after college. This was followed by a job with Times of India – so what if it was simply selling media space? A job with Hero Moto Corp followed and then a dream opportunity with Ford India as Regional Marketing Manager.
By then, I was married. A job with an MNC, a beautiful wife, what more could a man ask for?


And then the 2008 financial crisis struck. Along with the thousands of job losses across the world, my Regional Marketing position was hacked, and I was shifted to an Analyst role. While I could take solace in the fact that I was still employed, the role did not hold long-term career prospects.

This phase of brooding over my situation was followed by several unsuccessful job hunts. But before long, I managed to shake myself off wallowing in self-pity to start focusing on work. Diligent efforts and rebuilding my career step-by-step led me to becoming India Head Corporate Sales at Ford.

As it is said, ‘once bitten, twice shy’; I had learnt my lessons from being made “redundant” in 2008, so was wary of resting on my laurels, instead I signed up for a course at INSEAD.


The INSEAD course was life-altering. The experience of learning and attending classes across India, Singapore and France opened my mind to new perspectives. Meeting INSEAD alumni, business leaders and entrepreneurs taught me that only one’s imagination limits one’s possibilities.

I enthusiastically thrust myself into organizing alumni meetings, hosting networking breakfast meets for INSEAD classmates and alumni. Organizing these learning opportunities for others, strangely, opened new vistas for me as well. I found several mentors amongst these business leaders. With new learnings from my interactions I developed life changing habits, learnt to live in the moment and felt a lot more empowered and positive. I continued this journey of self-discovery and met with Jain monks to learn some more.

Very soon, both my professional and personal lives spheres were transformed, previously sour relationships improved and there was a new meaning to my life.
And this was my light bulb moment.
How can I share my learning with the multitude of professionals and students who grapple with similar professional and personal challenges I struggled with? Sudden disruptors like the 2008 crisis are likely to occur in everyone’s professional career. How can I help professionals overcome disappointments in their career? Help them bounce back, a lot quicker that I did.


This introspection set me off a journey of creating frameworks like the Infinity Chakra, Purpose Charka, Mind Chakra, Moment Chakra, Imagination Chakra and AURA for human transformation. And then I started speaking and sharing these in colleges and a few corporates. This led to more speaking and mentoring invitations from TEDx, prestigious universities and Fortune 500 companies.


I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”It was indeed my own imagination that was limiting my possibilities.

You too can seek more meaning from your life, transform yourself to discover your limitless potential. And I can help you along, do reach out to me on do reach out to me.

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