Life from Transactional to Transformational

Life from Transactional to Transformational

Remembering me 10th grade, I didn’t opt for PCM or Bio and I was out of elite race of engineering and medical. Now I was left with humble commerce or art, I opted for commerce.

Nutshell, we are under pressure and fear, if you don’t make it here, you will be left out. If your college ranking is poor, you are gone. You have no choice other than to follow and run.

I got break into great companies out of luck and bit preparedness. I thought I am home :)) No :)) in companies too you got to perform, adapt or you will not be promoted. This is usual, life till now was mere transactional, do something to get something, and this cycle continues without any impact or satisfaction.

To reach higher levels in life I decided to reengineer myself. From tit to tat responses to understanding. From criticising others to encouraging. This new approach initially artificial is slowly becoming permanent, where love supersedes hatred, where here and now powers me over unconsciousness, where softness is above harshness, where empathy takes over judgement. I found this approach blissfully working for me :)) Why don’t you give this a try.