Invest in Personal Brand

Invest in Personal Brand

Our morning starts with apple/one+ followed by humble Colgate, Nike, Oriflame, Zara and then by Kellogg Cornflakes, Amul Butter, in our living room with Netflix and Alexa listening to our commands. We value Brands, we get attracted towards Brand.

Brands consistently deliver same value day after day, they come across as unique. They don’t change their value basis who consumes them, rather they expand choices by offering variants and reach out to newer audiences, but the core essence of brand still remains intact. Cell company would add vernacular but core features still remain the same.

Just apply this principle in your Personal Branding, it’s got two aspects Outer and Inner. Outer is about self-presentation starting with your DP image, to social media post, your office desk, your room, to clothes and accessories you wear, all this need to be aligned to your story. Coming to inner, first think about your own thoughts and feeling, they need to be only positive and empowering, second is about words you use while speaking, these needs to be encouraging, soft and positive and third align all your five senses and make them focus them in the the moment.

#PersonalBranding will bring well-being and wealth.