Do you want to develop an organization focused on delivering the company’s objectives? Drive greater collaboration between departments in your company? Do you have a set of talented senior business leaders who, despite their best intentions, are unable to inspire their teams?

The Infinity Bootcamp is aimed to deliver all this and more. 

At the very core of Amit Kasliwal’s Infinity Bootcamp program is the belief that only transformed individuals result in a transformed organization. 

Amit spent thousands of hours with Monks and researched top business leaders to develop the frameworks and pedagogy for the Infinity Bootcamp. Using the acclaimed Infinity Chakra and AURA frameworks, participants at the Infinity Bootcamp discover how to live a more purposeful and meaningful life. Once empowered with this new thinking, your teams will develop new ways of collaborating with one another, motivating others and connecting with your customers. 

The Infinity Bootcamp has the power to transform your organization and inject energy into your company’s work environment with inspired and motivated team members.

The Infinity Bootcamp is available as a high intensity 1-day module or a deep learning based 2-day module. The Infinity Bootcamp modules are available to be picked ala carte, from this list 1. Valuing Diversity 2. Empowered Self 3. Soulful Communication 4. Positivity In Life 5. Living In The Moment 6. Mastering Your Thoughts 7. Finding Own Strength 8. Leading Change 9. Building Stronger Ties With Customers 10. Empowered Teams 11. Leading Self  12.Leading Teams 13. Being Human 14.Think Like A CEO 15.You Are A Brand 16. Be Best In Execution 17.Drive High Performance Collaborative Culture 18.Empathetic Leadership 19.Unbiased Working 20.Abundant Mindset   

Or invite Amit for a FREE Infinity Bootcamp discovery consultation session where after interactions with your teams he will design a bespoke module tailored to your organization’s needs.

So, are you ready to reboot your teams?

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