Hello there!

I’m Amit and I call myself a Truth Seeker.

Why? Two reasons.

The first is, having lived the designation life for so long, I’m tired of them. And secondly, because the only thing that I chase in this world is the truth.

Amit is a Truth Seeker. After having spent many years climbing the corporate ladder, from Times Group, Hero Moto Corp, Ford India, what truly changed his life were two things. The first being a mid-life crisis.The second being, doing a course at INSEAD.

For the first time in his life, he had clarity about his life, his priorities. And a tiny idea began to take shape in his mind.

If he could figure out a way to jump over one of the biggest hurdles life threw at him, surely there was a way in which he could use his learnings in such a way that more people would benefit from it?

And that’s how Dehurdle was born.

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My Journey

I don’t think my journey is a particularly special one. But good, bad and ugly, it’s shaped who I am today.

I grew up in Gwalior. Since I was in my late teens, I wanted to work with the big brands. Which thankfully, I got to do. I worked with Times Group, Hero Moto Corp & Ford India.

Mid-way into my career, my mentor asked me a question that shook me. He asked ‘Where are you, 5 years from today?’ And I thought to myself, I see myself as a General Manager, or a Vice President. Or working in a startup. This question kept troubling me.

On the 21st of September, 2016, I signed up for an INSEAD program. And it was in that program that I realized, that I was caught in a loop. The next 5 years was going to be exactly like my last 5. Sure, better pay, better car, better flat. But I’d essentially be doing the same thing.

How could I break out of this loop?

In search of the truth, I set about to discover myself. I revisited my personal relationships. I visited 58 campuses and spoke to over 12,000 people. I spoke at TEDx. And finally, I quit my job to set up my own company.

A company that was formed to take people out of the loop, by helping them hop over their daily hurdles. I found my purpose, and I wanted to help people find theirs.

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